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Company History

The Funny Apron Company™ was started in 1992 as an offshoot of The Imagination Association LLC, an established design firm that licensed hundreds of greeting cards, tee-shirts, and other products to the stationery and giftware industries since the mid 1980s. Ellice Lovelady, also known as E.J. Tobin, founded both companies. In 2001, Charles Lovelady came on board as CFO.

Ellice's experience in the giftware industry taught her to analyze the elements that constitute successful gift buy items. She identifies target demographics and creates designs geared to sell to a specific market segment. Ellice understands what drives the sales behind slogan driven products. As Creative Director, Ellice has a bank of seasoned artists with whom she works in creating just the right graphic or design for a particular slogan or market. From the onset, Ellice has been a stickler about producing superior quality garments that exceed the consumer's expectations.

The Funny Apron Company™ has built its reputation on having a marketable product and an uncompromising commitment to superb quality and superior customer service. For this reason we are considered an exemplary vendor among upscale mail order catalogs, independent kitchenware, giftware, and specialty retailers.

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